Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

“But it’s just so slow”, I heard Mia exclaim a couple of seats over.

The bus from La Paz to Cochabamba is a “viaje de mierda” as my friend so delicately put it after our return… That about sums it up: cold, extremely high altitude, and a half-built road for 8 hours.


I took this shot during this seemingly ‘infinite’ bus journey just as it had started to snow high up in the mountains. I noticed the endless pattern of wet snow on the window and thought how perfectly it represented the infinite theme of this week, and how, by that point, we wished that the journey didn’t feel quite so infinite.

Overall, it was a very strange day: we were travelling back from the Amazon basin after a weekend of wildlife watching and hanging out in the jungle, and it was bizarre to think that we had experienced tropical heat and freezing snow in the space of one day, without leaving the country.

No one can say Bolivia isn’t diverse.


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