Weekly Photo Challenge: Family


This weekend was my first weekend out of Bolivia in 136 days. After a lot of worrying about an overstayed visa and despite the difficult task of dragging myself away from my comfortable, familiar life in Cochabamba, I’ve finally made it to Peru! I arrived in Puno on Lake Titicaca on Saturday afternoon and signed myself up to a tour of the floating islands of Uros, as well as a homestay on another island called Amantaní for the following two days. While this is obviously not my real family (whom I’m missing a whole lot after 5 months without seeing them!) this was my family for a little while this weekend. My homestay mum, Emerenciana, her daughter, Illeni, and two lovely Swedish girls I met in Puno. This picture was taken on Sunday evening when we were dressed in traditional clothing and went to a community party with all the other tourists and their families.

While travelling you make ties wherever you can to keep yourself from getting homesick and to feel connected to something. In Cochabamba my friends became my family, and in Puno, these lovely ladies pictured above were my family for a fleeting moment.


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