Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


This is a photo of an anaconda nesting inside of a tree trunk in the Santa Rosa National Park, Bolivia. As part of the three-day tour I took in the Bolivian Amazon in October, we went searching for anacondas in the swampland. It was a pretty nerve-wracking experience as you have to be on the constant look-out for any movement around you amongst the plants and hope that nothing is going to jump out and grab you! In the end, we didn’t find anacondas in the swamp, but rather, inside the base of a tree which is a common place for them to reproduce during mating season.

The anacondas seemed perfectly peaceful and happy nestling inside this tree and it sort of represents how I want to be right now. I’m currently in Cusco, Peru where it’s pretty cold and rainy and I’d love nothing more than to be snuggled up inside a warm nook with tea and blankets. Tepid coffee and a dorm room full of people will have to do for now though!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. Great shot! It’s peeking out at you..almost! Yeah, if I were you I would also be jumpy walking around the Santa Rosa park. I bet you needed to move slowly and quietly so as to not scare any animals around! 🙂

    • Thank you! Yeah, luckily we were with a great guide, Luis, who would tell us where to walk and where not to walk! It was definitely an experience 🙂

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