Miguel, the patron saint of female backpackers

He came out of nowhere, and stole my heart. He certainly wasn’t the best looking thing in the world… unkempt, unwashed, and it looked as though he’d missed a few meals. But I grew to love him, anyway. Ah, Miguel. I’ll admit it: I was terrified when you pounced on me in the street. Jumping … Continue reading Miguel, the patron saint of female backpackers


The best museum in Salta

As I turn the corner onto a quiet, residential-looking street, I spot it. The most unlikely looking museum I’ve come across stands meekly on the other side of the road. The seemingly impenetrable solid black door to this small museum suggests that it might be closed, but the abierto sign assures me that it’s open … Continue reading The best museum in Salta

Challenges for the lone(-ly) traveller

Loneliness. That dreaded word. No one wants to admit to being lonely, especially when they’re travelling and supposed to be having the time of their lives. But it happens; you get lonely. Even after only 9 days of solo travel. On my first morning in Buenos Aires I cried discreetly into my cereal as I … Continue reading Challenges for the lone(-ly) traveller