Exploring Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral

Stained-glass windows, ornate wooden effigies, intricately painted ceilings and gilded cornices: these are the images that spring to mind when the word ‘cathedral’ is uttered. What lies fifty kilometres north of Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, is an altogether different manifestation of the word… Reaching down 200 metres below the earth’s surface is an enormous, subterranean structure … Continue reading Exploring Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral


Medellín: a city reborn

I don’t have many pictures of Medellín. As I click through my Colombia photo album I’m surprised and disappointed at how few photos there are of this city – this city which, at the time, made such an impression on me. Thinking back I remember that during my stay in Medellín it rained almost non-stop; perhaps … Continue reading Medellín: a city reborn

Fast-paced tourism: 2 sites, 2 countries, 1 day

I would definitely classify myself as a slow traveller; partly because I like to really get to know a place before leaving it, and partly because I’m lazy and need as much time between lugging my backpack around as possible. But things have had to change over the last couple of days. Ever since I … Continue reading Fast-paced tourism: 2 sites, 2 countries, 1 day